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"romance with Earth and all creatures within."


Sef'usi is a womenswear brand founded in Florence, Italy in 2021 by Fusi Xu.

It is a brand that tell environmental stories with a heart of romance and elegance.

"Fusi", an Italian word and also the birth name of the founder, in English meaning spindle, a wooden spike that is traditionally used for spinning, twisting natural fibers such as wool, flax, hemp, cotton into yarn.  

"Sef" originated from the myths and folktales of St Elmo's Fire, a rare weather phenomenon of electrical strikes on the sea that is believed to be able to provide sailors warning of storms ahead and hope of surviving dangers. 

Inspirations of the brand are taken from environmental stories and language in the nature. It is a brand designers come together with sustainable manufacturers and traditional mills devoted to using and discovering e-co friendly materials and maintaining a minimum production.



We'd like to invite you to ioin us on a fashion adventure of nature & sustainability.

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